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Still thinking how to compliment that someone special? Who would resist anything so incredibly looking and tempting? Hesitate no more! Dessert lovers will surely appreciate your effort in choosing any of these mouthwatering sweets for them to enjoy.

Desserts for your every desire

desserts voor al uw evenementen

Mini desserts are such an ideal opportunity to provide a variety and an element of surprise to any occasion. Serving as an addition or alternative to cakes, these tiny treats are perfect for dressing up dessert buffets, and can also be beautifully packaged as party favors for your guests to take home. Equally delicious and cute, they offer you a fun palette of shapes and colours to match any event theme, and satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

Our team prides itself in creating desserts that combine excellence in design, as well as perfection in flavor.

Desserts flavours and prices

At KOLVA Cake Design Studio, we have a wide choice of desserts available: from the most popular options to the ones prepared according to our original recipes.

Whether you're looking for an allergy-friendly dessert, gluten-free dessert or a nut-free dessert, we have the options for you. Please also keep in mind that if you’re seeking for something certain or exceptionally unique, our team will gladly accommodate any request you have!

Passion Individual Cake

A mousse fancy cake where cherry, orange, and chocolate are perfectly combined
Price: 6 p.p.
Minimum: 6 items

Fresier Individual Cake

A classical mix of pistachio and strawberry combined into a light airy summer mousse fancy cake
Price: 7 p.p.
Minimum: 6 items

Cupcakes / Mini-Cupcakes

The softest cupcakes with different tastes (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, ‘Red Velvet’, lemon, carrot)
Price: 4 / 2,5p.p.
Minimum: 6 / 15 items

Cake pops

Small cakes on stick made of cake sponge, cream and different tastes (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, ‘Red Velvet’, lemon, raspberry)
Price: 2,5 p.p.
Minimum: 10 items

Zefir / Mini-Zefir

An airy soft ‘cloudlet’ based on a natural berry/fruit puree (apple, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, cherry, black currant)
Price: 3 / 2p.p.
Minimum: 9 / 15 items


An almond fancy cake with different tastes (raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, berry mix, mango, passion fruit, citrus, dark chocolate and more)
Price: 3 p.p.
Minimum: 10 items


A classical fancy mini cake with custard and different tastes
Price: 2 p.p.
Minimum: 10 items

Vanilla bonbons

An airy soft vanilla candy covered by dark Belgian chocolate
Price: 1,25 p.p.
Minimum: 15 items

Order Your Dream Cake
in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, or a corporate event? Have you already finished with a venue, dates, and time, as well as with an overall event style and approximate guest count? What’s next? The hour has struck for cakes and desserts ordering! Check out our guide to help you go through this process!

Step 1

Place an Order

Start by reaching us through phone or email. Doing it at least 2-3 weeks before the upcoming event would be perfect. Please bear in mind that we get booked pretty early; so the sooner you contact us, the more chances your due date will be available.

Step 2

Discuss All Details

It’s the best time to express your ideas, preferences, and expectations about your dream cake or dessert. Note the number of your guests, cake size, design, and other details like colours and tastes by choosing them from our wide variety available. This step will make you feel absolutely sure in the cake or dessert that meets your needs and satisfied with the result!

Step 3

Agree on the Final Terms

Once everything is fixed, be prepared to leave 50% deposit of the total sum. These actions will reserve your event date and give us the green light to start the baking process. The final 50% will be charged a few days before the event.

Step 4

Wait for Delivery

Now simply relax and allow us to do the rest: bake, decorate and deliver your cake or dessert to the required location safely, on time and in perfect condition. Besides, we provide you with an opportunity to take your order from our bakery on your own.


We deliver throughout the Netherlands for €0.5 per 1 km. Delivery within Amsterdam is €20. There is an option of picking up the products from our address for free!